Back in The Saddle Again

Oh but I’m not ready…

At least I have my four-year-old to give me a make-over while I work.

After two weeks of recovering from surgery and holiday stuff…I’m not quite ready to get back in the routine. Only to have it turned upside down again in just a couple weeks. But alas. I’m back at the computer and looking at the long list of things to do that needed to be done but haven’t been and trying to put out the most crucial fires first.

1. My novel. Remember I mentioned that November is National Novel Writing Month and I vowed to pound mine out in 30 days? Here’s what I have so far:

“It took me several weeks to realize why I had been lucky enough to walk away from such a devestating car wreck relatively unscathed.”

I know. Gripping.

So I only have about 55,000 more words to write before Wednesday. Despite my “let me squeeze in one more thing, I swear I can do it” attitude, I’m starting to think this action item just might not happen after all. Who could have seen that coming?

2. My jobs blog on Apparently, taking into account the amount of posts I’ve done in the last two weeks, nobody is hiring in Houston. I better get crackin’ on this before is hiring for another jobs blogger!

3. My Christmas shopping and preparation. I told the kids that we aren’t decorating until the house and their rooms get picked up. At the rate we’re moving, we’ll put up the tree around Easter.

4. My budget. Remember we are taking the Dave Ramsey FPU course? Well, we missed the last class because of my surgery and now I have to get my budget in order tout suite. Then there’s always the “sticking to the budget” part…which is really the most important element. And that’s going to be tricky during Christmas. I will say that since starting the course we have a level of awareness about where our money is going we’ve never had before. Knowledge is power. I am not comfortable with how much of my money take-out restaurants had been getting in the past. We’ve cut back on these areas considerably over the last month. I’m proud of us.

These are only a few areas. Trust me. I’ve been missing the ball in many other areas as well. I won’t bore you with the details.

THE GOOD NEWS! We had a blast on The Polar Express and even though we didn’t get home until midnight on Sunday night…we all made it to our appropriate school/job locations. With a face like this, I’m just thankful I work from home!

Check out my detailed review of The Polar Express at I’m going to post photos here tomorrow as well!


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