The Ultimate Family Vacation

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And while I hate to admit it. But I must for full disclosure. I’d need somewhere to shop. So would Jackson. We are cut from the same cloth and we like our souvenirs. Ed and Annie couldn’t care less. Jackson and I don’t go anywhere unless there’s some sort of a gift shop somewhere close by.

Since we live in Houston, weather that’s not in the triple digits and hills and mountains sound so inviting. But my ultimate family vacation wouldn’t be camping. I want the best of both worlds…nature and comfort!

So to recap:
1. beautiful natural surroundings
2. time together/time apart
3. spa
4. planned activities with adventure and creativity
5. unstructured “downtime”
6. spa
7. shopping

Where is this place and how do I get there?!!!! Does this place even exist? (See what dreaming does?!)

I did some searching on google and while I might have to do without some elements of my dream getaway(i.e. art classes!) there are some great places in Yellowstone and Yosemite that look like they might fit the bill. We’ve haven’t been to either place and I love the idea of exploring somewhere new with my two kids and husband.

So there you have it. Another item to add to my life list. Go to Yosemite or Yellowstone with my family. What about you?!

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  1. 1
    Karen says:

    Wow! You put a lot of thought into this! I have no idea where my ultimate family vacation would be. Somewhere cool or even cold. Maybe skiing with the kids. There are some beautiful, nature filled parks (think bears) in Canada that I'd love the kids to experience. Thanks for starting us thinking!!

  2. 2
    Boutte Clan says:

    Ummmm…can my ultimate be everywhere I want to go if it is the same "trip"????? There are so many places/things it is so hard to choose just one locale!

  3. 3
    jenjohnt says:

    I love the way you thought so carefully about what each of your family members would enjoy most. And I have to tell you that Yellowstone/Jackson Hole are fantastic in the summer time! Great vistas, rivers, fishing, restaurants, shopping, nature… go for it!

  4. 4
    LindaD says:

    My ultimate family vacay would be to take my family to a great beach in the Caribbean like St Martine or Barbados. Our family loves to go to the beach and I would love to show the kids one with beautiful sand and clear water. We are all smiles at the beach!

  5. 5
    Allie says:

    We love camping! There are 7 of us – a set of triplets (age 13) and a set of twins (age 8), and we have so much fun crammed in our pop-up. We've been to quite a few of our national parks, but I have always wanted to see the Sequoias and Redwood Forest in California. Maybe someday…it's just so far away from Houston!

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