Smarter then the Average Bear

Guess what? I’m going camping, ya’ll!

We’re loading up the family truckster, Griswold style and heading a whole 30 minutes out of town to Yogi Bear Jellystone Park campgrounds in Waller.


So I’m a bit rusty about the whole packing for camping thing. Do I really think I’ll need my kindle? Probably not – but it’s going in the bag.

But I promised my family I would leave my laptop at home. That’s going to be hard…but I know I can do it. Besides, there’ll be plenty to do including:

a waterslide and water play park
mini golf
pumpkin patch
arts and crafts for the little ones

We’re going with our friends and I was talking to Julie the other day about coordinating meals (you bring the hot dogs, I’ll bring the fruit kinda thing) and I said, in front of my four-year-old, “oh and I have to go get crown” (you know, for when the kids go to bed!!!)

My daughter said – “Why do we need to bring crowns? Is it a princess camping trip?”

“Yep – that’s right.” I stumbled. So now she’s got all her crowns packed.

Oh boy!!!

I’ll be back with lots of stories next week, I’m sure. I bet you can’t wait! (No photos of me going down the water slide, though!!)


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