National Night Out

Did you know that last night was National Night Out? Did you go out and socialize with your neighbors? I did.

Good thing, too. Because had I not, there just might have been a nasty little rumor circulating around the ‘hood about me and my friend who were spotted together at a restaurant while Ed was out of town in Dublin.

Everyone gathered at the cul-de-sac last night to chat before those of us with kids went up to the park for a celebration circa 1950. I’m talking about food, facepainting, balloons, giveaways, a moon bouce…the whole kit and kaboodle. The Cleavers would have been there. And Opie. It was just that wholesome.

I love my neighborhood.

While Ed was out of town IN DUBLIN. WITHOUT ME. (really, I’m ok with it now) me and my kids met my good friends Julie and Dale with their two kids at a nearby restaurant so I could have a crown and coke without feeling like I was a lush (because when you order a drink at a restaurant out with friends it’s ok. At home alone with the kids…not so cool) Come ON. Ed was out of town for almost TWO WHOLE WEEKS!

Anyway – Julie took my daughter and her daughter to the restroom while we were waiting for our table and wouldn’t you know it – just after they left…in walks in my neighbors.

Me to Dale: This looks highly suspecious, No?
Dale to Me: Let’s hold hands and really freak them out.

Note: Dale is hiliarious – even for a Republican.

So fast forward to last night when we are all out chatting and the restaurant came up with the neighbors we saw. I told them that I was out with friends and how funny we thought it was that they saw Dale and I together and missed Julie and the kids in the restroom.

Neighbor husband: I was wondering who that guy was.
Neighbor wife: We knew it wasn’t Ed.

So yeah. Nipped that rumor off at the bud.

Lesson: Always, always, always go out and meet with your neighbors on National Night Out. Even if you have to skip the potato sack races at the park afterwards.



  1. 1
    beke says:

    I bet you know many more funny republicans than you think you do.

  2. 2
    Jennifer says:

    Beke, you may be right!! 🙂

  3. 3
    beke says:

    Are you asking if I'm "right" Or saying I may be correct?

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