Good Ideas: Frequent Shopper Cards

I’m so tired of emptying out the entire contents of my purse everytime I go to a store that has a frequent shopper card. I can NEVER find them and they are always disorganized. Half the time I end up having to get another one…which means another card to add to the chaos.

I was shopping at Target the other day and saw that they had a bunch of vinyl business card size covers attached to a ring for $6.99. I thought “Brilliant…but I can make something like that.”

Because I say, “I can make that” quite often – but rarely follow through….I was most pleased with myself for actually making it.

Here’s my finished product. Clever, no?

I hole-punched the cards and attached them to a ring. Then added pretty ribbon. Easy-Peasy. 🙂 Just be sure not to punch over the scanner code (or over a place where they punch a hole when you buy something lest you be called a cheater-cheater pumpkin eater!)


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