Financial Peace

Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course? Probably. It’s pretty popular and offered through many churches across the United States.

Ed and I started the course last night and committed to getting on an even stricter budget. I’ll let you know about how we do through the 91 days. I’m hoping that we can at least get well on our way to living life debt free (which is on my life list, by the way!)

Before our second class we have to get our budget on paper. Should be a fun week around the Patrick household. The first “babystep” (as Dave calls them) is to put away $1,000 in an emergency fund. After that, we can start going after the debt with “gazelle” intensity…starting with the one that is the lowest amount and working our way up.

Sounds like a journey. Are you already on this one? Any advice? I’d love to hear from you about things you’ve learned about this process. Things that helped you stay on your budget. Things that helped you enjoy life while on a budget. Recipes, good deals, great resources. Come on, spill. I don’t want to take the journey alone!

I’ll share things I learn with you, too. Deal? Deal!



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    LindaD says:

    We, too, are "Living like no one else so that we can Live like no one else."

    It took us 3 months to finally get to the end of our month before our cash…Stick with it.

  2. 2
    beke rios says:

    I am beyond excited for you. Call me…….

  3. 3
    HealthyHoustonKids says:

    Jen, We've managed to be debt-free, except for the mortgage and occasional car note, almost our whole marriage, but we made it a priority since we'd both spent our single 20s with huge credit card balances. It's tough sometimes to say no to the things I want vs. need, but once you get rid of that debt hanging over you, you'll never go back! And, you will get an inner glow of pride that will last for years!

    One suggestion for what I think of as 'free money' (i.e., not part of the budget) is to hold a garage sale. Since mama does the work, mama gets to spent the proceeds. 🙂

  4. 4
    Boutte Clan says:

    We have two pearls that we try to live by. Always remember that God provides for what you need, but not necessarily for what you want. Keep focusing on the abundance not the lack – its not in what you have, but the attitude in which you use all of your resources.

    Also, be brutally honest when you set up your budget and track your spending. We ALWAYS find that its not the big stuff that gets us in trouble, its the drive-through here, little treat/trinket here, and convenience meal there that gets us in trouble.

  5. 5
    Cissie says:

    Yep – we took the class earlier this year and even a few months later we are struggling. I feel there is huge value in this but it is taking time to change our habits. We have a goal and have done quite a bit this year towards the debt, but still get off-track. Just have to stick with it for sure! 🙂

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