Six degrees of Separation

So I’m sitting in the carpool line the other day and for some reason I thought about that Kevin Bacon/6 degrees of seperation theory (everyone, everywhere knows Kevin Bacon by less than 6 degrees of seperation) and I remembered that an actor that used to be a very good friend of mine, GW Bailey (we’ve drifted apart over the years – but he’s such a great guy) is on the show The Closer and so is Kevin Bacon’s wife.

So with only 2 degrees of separation between me and Kevin – I’m thinking I’ve got at least 2 or 3 degrees up on most of the world outside Hollywood and I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

It’s about all I had going for me that day – so I went with the good feeling.

Then I thought of the movie “Old School” because I freakin’ love Will Farrell and TJ has inadvertantly gotten me thinking of that streaking in the quad scene and I’m laughing, out loud, in carpool line and I hit the steering wheel and yelled “I’ll be damned”.

(Thank goodness my windows are up because I’m in line at my four-year-olds Christian preschool – of which I am a board member of.)

I remembered that when I worked a PR gig for a company many years ago I met Snoop Doggy Dogg at the MTV Video Music Awards in the celebrity gifting suite (I was working a booth – giving away free products). And I thought at the time that it was hiliarious that I met Snoop Dogg because he’s so tall and black and I’m so short and white and I must have looked pretty funny talking to him, pretending to be all cool with the celebrity thing and acting like he was my BFF and we talked all the time and would probably go out clubbin’ later and it was really ain’t nothin’ but a thing.

But what made me slap the steering wheel was that I remembered that Snoop Dogg was IN OLD SCHOOL. He was rapping at the party when Will Farrell decided to go streaking in the quad and Will went up on stage and interupted him.

So I also know Will Farrell – by only ONE degree of separation. And that degree is Snoop Dogg. How insanely cool am I? Why don’t more people in the neighborhood want to hang out with me? I don’t understand it.

So then I’ve got that song Snoop Dogg was singing in the movie in my head but all I know is “must be the money, must be the money, moneyyyyyy” part and I want to know what the song is so I’ve got my iphone out (because I LOVE my iphone) and I decide to use the Shazam app to figure it all out. So now I’m in carpool line with my iphone up to my mouth and I’m singing – in the best rap type voice I can muster…

“Must be the money, must be the money, monayyyyyyyyy…must be the money, must be the money, monayyyyyyy”

But Shazam can’t figure out what the hell I’m singing and so I keep starting over and singing louder and louder each time – thinking the problem is that it can’t HEAR me not that I’ve most likely gotten the words and most definitely gotten the beat completely wrong.

I’ve got to remember to ask Will, or Kevin – or damn it all – Snoop Dogg himself what the heck that song is next time I see one of them.



  1. 1
    beke says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yay! And I know YOU! So by less than six degrees of separation I know Will Farrell! " No , I really did not know that….."

  2. 2
    Jessi says:

    First, I got some wicked 6 degrees skills, just sayin'. Second, if I was in your neighborhood, I'd totally hang with you. You've got some crazy connections to awesome. We'd rock the clubbing scene with Will, Snoop and Kevin.

    BTW…I think the song you're looking for is called "Papered Up" 🙂

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