Cute, Cute Stuff for Girls

My friend and frequent blog reader and commenter, Beke, has recently started her own business and I’m super excited to let you know about it because she’s selling some cute as a button stuff for little girls.

It’s called “Not for Boys” and she makes and sells cool, unique hair accessories for girls of all ages. Check out the pictures! (That’s Beke with one of her hair clips in the photo!)

She will also be hosting a show in Northwest Houston at:

9911 Pine Flats Drive on October 1st 5:30-8:00 p.m. Anyone who has a girl, is a girl, or knows a girl (of any age) should stop by!

If you can’t make it, stop by her etsy store at Either way, if you make a purchase and tell her that you heard about her on Living the Dream – she’ll give you 20 percent off your order. How cool is that?!

Beke’s sis-in-law, Julie, also sells girlie girlie stuff like tutus, taggie blankets and outfits. She’ll be at the show with Beke but if you want to contact her offline, you can email her at (She’s going to give ya 20 percent off, too!)

Both of these gals are creative moms with young children and I just LOVE supporting super lovely people like Beke and Julie who are finding a way to release their creative side while helping to support their families at the same time.

Just be sure to tell both of them that you know me, Jennifer Patrick, by NO DEGREES OF SEPARATION to get the discount! (Knowing Will Farrell by 3 degrees of separation won’t save you any more money…I asked!)



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    Denise Collins Kachich says:

    Go Baylor! So cute! I will see if I can go to the show. Denisek

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