The Beginning of My Life List

I know you guys are all totally interested in what I’ve come up with for My Life List so far (see post on Monday, September 13th for reference).

The first several were easy…I mean – it’s been my dream for a long time to become a “big shot, real” writer so naturally I’d want to do things writing related…but I determined that after about number 8 or so – I struggled. What DO I want to do? I hadn’t a clue.

So I’ve been giving my list a lot of thought and in the middle of the night I remembered I read something about a place in Wyoming to ride horses and pretend you’re a real cowboy.

WHAMM! Number 28.

The next day I thought of that movie “Somewhere in Time” and how I cried and cried and thought about how cool it would be to go to that hotel because it’s so pretty (and look like Jane Seymour).

POW! Number 22.

And how I miss the cool weather in the fall in New York.

ZAP! Number 21.

I read my comments from my original post (all both of them!) and got inspired by TJ’s comment about running naked through the neighborhood (and my love for the movie – “Old School” when Will Farrell goes streaking through the quad)

SPLATT! Number 33 (and then almost immediately number 34)

Then I got crazy and added numbers 24 and 30 because, well – how completely awesome would both of those be?!

Holy Batman, Robin. I’ve got the beginnings of a Life List. So this is definitely a work in progress because I’ve never really given any thought to what I want to do. I think it will be kinda fun to hear about cool things that others do and instead of think “geez, I wish I could have done that” get excited and put it on my life list.

And then what? I don’t know. Maybe The President or The Queen is a “Living The Dream” follower and will give me a call and make things happen?

And maybe I will too.

Jenn’s List

1. Visit Dublin, Ireland
2. Act in a play
3. Get my work published in a big, fancy national magazine
4. Spend a weekend reading and writing in a cabin by the water
5. Run errands on a Vespa
6. Write a book
7. Kick depression’s ass
8. Hang out with a celebrity
9. Learn to dance the salsa with my husband
10. Sing in a band
11. Learn to play the piano
12. Go to Paris
13. Go on an Alaskan cruise
14. Spend quality time somewhere were it snows…doing snow related activities
15. Have my house professionally decorated
16. Get a new, fully decked out Honda Odyssey
17. Run with the bulls in Spain
18. Audition for a Broadway show
19. Take my kids to DisneyWorld
20. Spend a weekend at a spa
21. Go apple picking in the fall on the east coast
22. Stay at the The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan (where Somewhere In Time was filmed)
23. Walk the red carpet
24. Have tea with the Queen
25. Go to Greece and stay somewhere that has a view like you see in the movie, Mama Mia!
26. Meet Meryl Streep
27. Go on an African Safari
28. Stay at a dude ranch
29. Go to the Olympics
30. Visit with the President of the United States in the Oval Office
31. Buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks at Bergdorfs in NYC
32. Sleep on Beechwood sheets from Switzerland
33. Go to a nude beach (Thank you TJ and Will Farrell)
34. Feel comfortable at the nude beach!
35. Stand up in the middle of an important board meeting, court hearing or the like and yell “I object” or “You can’t handle the truth”.



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    Boutte Clan says:

    Oh, I like 35!!! There are several on your list that would also be on mine (I don't have one, but you may have inspired me). Perhaps when you finish this list, you can do a list of the top 100 things you have done to keep you motivated that you do get to do neat stuff in addition to wanting to do more! The only one on your list that I have done is 28 and that was on a high school band trip, so not sure if that actually counts.

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