Are You Savvy? Then Get Ready to Save!

greggoconnell : flickr


In 2 weeks a great organization I work with, Savvy Source, is launching their Savvy Savings program in many cities including Houston. I’ve been helping them gear up and they have a lot of good bargains on family-friendly venues and activities lined up!

Sign-up now so you can hear about the first deal as soon as it is offered. They’ll email you a new deal every week – all you have to do is click on this link and enter your email address and zipcode. That’s it! Savvy will know what deal to send you each week. And you can start saving!

Signing up to hear about the deals doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of them. Ever. It’s just to hear about the deals.

I’ll also have a widgit up on my blog with each deal as well. So you can check here. Ok – go sign up. I’ll wait. Really – go. Whatcha waiting for? 🙂


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