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I’m so excited about a new opportunity to save money when taking Jackson and Annie out and about in Houston. Savvy Source has launched a new program, similar to Groupon, where they offer a huge weekly deal on family-friendly activities and venues in the Houston area (they are also launching similar programs in other cities). Since I’m the Houston city editor for and already list and review things to do in Houston for families on that site, they gave me the scoop a few days early.

And you, my dear readers, will get the scoop first, too!

See that widget to the left on my blog that says “View Offer” and has information rotating about deals in different cities? Well – you can click on that and find out the deal du jour in Houston starting in September. Expect to see offers that are 50 to 75 percent plus off the regular price (think the zoo, museums, indoor play areas and the like). If you take advantage of the deal – cool. For the sake of full disclosure, I’ll get a small percentage (3%) of that sale for leading you to it. What is also cool – is that Houston area preschools will get 5% and a scholarship fund for disadvantaged kids to attend preschool in Houston will get 5% too.

But it doesn’t stop there! (There’s more to this great program – you ask?) Why yes – there is!

If you are so inclined – you can make money telling people about the deals, too. All you have to do is sign up through me and you can get your very own code and widget to put on your blog, website, facebook page, etc. You can tweet it, email it and shout about it from your rooftop. You’ll get 3% of any sales that result from your said screaming. Do you love it?

This is a great fundraiser idea for schools, sporting teams, boyscouts, girlscouts, etc. So you could get any groups your involved with on board as well. If they sign up because of your persuasion (and general good looks) then you’ll get a percentage of THEIR sales. Clear as mud? Leave a comment and I can send you an email directly with all the facts, Jack. (or Jill, or Sue, or Linda…you all have so many different names!)



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