7 to 10 days

Let me just say – I’m in touch with the fact that I’ve fallen for the marketing gimmicks and consumer peer pressure. I know that I could probably get a better product at a cheaper price. But damn it all – mama wants an iphone.

I’ve wanted one for about a year. But I just couldn’t justify the high price if I got the phone in the middle of my contract. So I waited. And waited. And waited. And when my friend Marci got one I smiled and congratulated her and oohed and awed like any good buddy would. And when my friend Linda got one I patted her on the back and said “you go, girl” and let her show me all her cool apps, including the one that gives you reasonable excuses to give your husband when you don’t feel like having sex.

But when I found out the little elementary aged kid down the street got one, I had enough. I marched my little 39-year-old entitled butt down to AT&T and asked, sweetly, if there was anyway possible I could get one just an teensyeensy bit before my contract ends….at the renewal price (of course). After the guy laughed and told me 6 months wasn’t an “eensy-weensy” bit early I left…deflated…and resigned to wait another month before I would try again.

And so it went…each month I would go in with renewed hope only to be turned away. This was BEFORE the iphone 4 was announced.

How’s that for timing? My contract came up for renewal in July and the new phone came out at the end of June. Which is good and bad. I normally get something “new and cutting edge” only to have a “newer and edgier” edition come out a month later. So it looked as if I might just be the coolest mom on the block with my brand spanking new gadget to show off.

If I could GET ONE!

I realize that I’m not the only person in America that wants one of these damn things. (Ed doesn’t understand…he thinks the droids the way to go and begged me to “research” the different phones before I made a decision and another 2 year commitment. I told him I didn’t want to research anything. I want an iphone. Why? I don’t know. I just want one. So there.)

But unlike everyone else in America – I’ve been waiting to get an iphone (any ol iphone) for a year. This is very hard for a compulsive shopper in the age of instant gratification and so on July 1st, as soon as the store opened, I was first in line to get my phone.

In 7-10 days. Which doesn’t seem like a long time but for me, it’s like dog years….an eternity. The gal looked at me funny when I asked her, “look, i know you have a couple back there and they are probably for people who ordered them already – but really, what’s the harm in giving me one? I mean, who’s going to know?”

Really? This is what I’ve come to? I’m ashamed. But desperate times…

Alas – my morally sound AT&T representative didn’t budge and instead of an iphone I have a “back, back, back order slip” with the promise of a real live phone in 7-10 days. Honestly, I feel like I was more patient waiting for the arrival of my first born.

I’m day three into the waiting period. Although I’m sure they aren’t counting weekends and holidays…which means I’m in day ONE. So tell me, dear iphone owners….do they have an app for patience? Because I need some. Bad!

I love this video on youtube about the iphone. It’s so me. But if you don’t like bad words or have young kids around…..please don’t watch it. It’s for adults and is pretty crude.


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