It’s a new House and it’s about…blogging!

Well – I gotta say…it’s about durn time. House has either been off the air entirely or showing re-runs for weeks on end again. They just took a “break” over the holidays and I was starting to get a little upset because they felt the need to do it again. BUT – tonight…right now actually – there is a NEW House on and it’s about a blogger.

So – I’ll be in full hypochondriac panic-mode tomorrow about what ever they find out is wrong with her tonight. Because even if the illness has nothing to do with blogging itself – the connection is there and, well – it’s enough to get me freaked out.

The show’s only been on for about 5 minutes and they are talking about whether or not people should share all of the personal details of their life on the internet. It’s something I’m sure all bloggers think about. And a problem with her relationship is that she’s always on the computer. I can kinda relate. I’m not always blogging…but I’m on the computer ALL the time. I’m obsessed about emails – I check them 1,000 times a day. And all of my work is on the computer. I do article research on the internet and ever since college when I tossed out my Smith-Corona…I’ve typed all my articles on my computer.

That 70’s Show. That’s where I’ve seen the actress who is playing the blogger on House. It’s been bugging me since it started.

Ed (my husband) gets frustrated. Not with what I write. I don’t think he’s even read my blog. (But I wouldn’t mind if he did.) He gets frustrated with me because of the time I’m on the computer. I can understand but he’s a trouble-shooter for a software development company and has 2 work laptops at home. He really can’t talk.

Oh. My. Goodness. House just found out that Wilson was once in a porno. Apparently medical school is expensive.

Regarding the issue of sharing who you are with readers on the internet…well – the truth is…in order to be authentic I think you HAVE to open up and put yourself out there. I know some bloggers don’t even share their real name. I can respect that. But if I’m going to be myself…then I don’t think I could pretend my name was say – Sally.

And let’s face it, most of what I talk about is about my struggles or adventures or thoughts. It’s really all I have to go from…my experiences. And maybe one day my kids will go through my blog entries when I’m no longer here and get even a better picture of who I was.

The blogger on House just told her husband that if she “starts picking and choosing (what she shares with her blogger followers) then I’m being dishonest.” I don’t want to be dishonest. I might not share every single detail of every single thing I go through – but I can promise you this. What I do share will be the real me. Jennifer.
(Photo: As seen through the eyes of Annie, my four-year-old daughter.)



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    beke rios says:

    I love House.

    It's fun being a fly on your wall.

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