Defining a Movement…in Scrapbooking

I’ve been a scrapbooker for a long time. I think it’s so important to tell our stories, through pictures or words or both, so that our children and their children can enjoy them in the future. My children love looking at the scrapbooks I’ve put together so far and although I don’t document even a smidgen of what I’d like to…I know that what I have done – matters now and will matter even more later.

I had the privilege of meeting (for the 2nd time actually) someone I consider to be the leader in the scrapbooking industry…Stacy Julian. Her unique approach and dedication to helping others tell their story…in whatever form/shape that may be…is inspirational.

She has an online educational source for scrapbookers, Big Picture Scrapbooking, offering anyone who has internet connection to classes on photography, journaling and digital and traditional scrapbooking techniques, organization and storage. I’ve personally taken several of the classes and loved them. Especially Stacy’s yearly Library of Memories class – which is already in full swing for 2010.

Stacy is zany and fun and not too terribly afraid of showing her “true colors”…literally. In this picture she is fresh off the plane and in traveling clothes. But normally she’s dressed in outfits that are both fun, colorful and festive….down to her mismatched socks.

Stacy also has her personal blog and website,, which includes fun scrapbooking stuff but also a lot of unrelated inspirational and fun resources and thoughts. I get a lot of ideas from her – and often pass them on to you.

So check out Stacy at one or both of her sites. and stay tuned for my FIRST reader giveaway (that’s right, FREE stuff!) that could be related to this article in some way…coming soon!!!



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    beke rios says:

    How about giving me one of your scrapbooks…? I don't have the attention span to do one, and I think your kids are uber cute, I could potentially pass them off as my own. Whadaya say? Deal?

  2. 2
    stacyj says:

    Jennifer — Thank YOU for this very generous post. I cannot say how much I enjoyed getting to know you better at Mom2.0 — the highlight, getting to listen to Gretchen Rubin at the adorable bookstore. Thanks for the invite and lift!

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