A couple of random things…

  1. Well I’m very excited because I’m officially the new Houston City Editor for http://www.savvysource.com/. It’s a really cool website with all sorts of gems of information for moms and dads and kids. But go under “city search” and look up “Houston” and you’ll find a listing of what’s going on each week and other cool things to do in the city in general. I’m not up and running yet – but will be soon. Houstonians – if you know of anything really cool I should include in my list….let me know!!!
  2. So I went to the dentist today and I’m scheduled for my tooth implant “topper” (I’m sure that’s not what it’s called – but it’s what the fake tooth attaches to and the 2nd to the last step of this almost 1-year ordeal.) I swear – if I have any tooth bail on me like this again I’m going to go all “Castaway” on it and take a ice-skate and remove it myself. Not really. That was gross. Forget I said that.
  3. I also went to Target today (after the dentist and before lunch – the sequence isn’t important – but I thought you should know) and got some really cute folders with designs on them with notebooks to match. I feel all “I’m starting 4th grade in style” ish. Since I have many projects brewing at once (I write for Living Magazine, The Houston Chronicle, http://www.healthyhoustonkids.com/ and now http://www.savvysource.com/ – as well as others) I thought I should add a color-coded type organization style to the madness. I’m not quite sure it will help – but boy oh boy…new school supplies are fun!
  4. When I was in Target I also saw this play-doh set with a picture of a boy who looks JUST like my son, Jackson! It’s scary how similar they look – isn’t he cute?! And it also made me a little upset. Some kid who looks like my son is already bringing in the bucks through some play-doh modeling gig.
  5. I’m going to post about these damn Houston doves soon – maybe tomorrow. You should check back for that post. I’m going to let it all out in full therapy style. Spring dove season in Houston is pure madness!!



  1. 1
    beke rios says:

    so on the doves, we had all those rats with wings in our yard too-hated them. Idiots start cooing at 4:15 in the morning. Then our outside cat realzed she could catch them. HA! aproximately eight dead doves later the stupid birds avoi9d our yard like the plague. heeheeeheee. Just noticed today the droves of stupid birds in my neighbors yard across the street. Guess how many were in my yard. Yep- NONE!
    wooohoooooo for otside cats.

    By the by- she's fixin to have kittens.

    Disclaimer- true story not a sales pitch.

  2. 2
    Jessica Johns Pool says:

    Congrats on SaavySource! You'll be great. You're saavy and a great source of info. Yeah, you.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    OMG- that boy does look like Jackson- how funny!

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