The long and the short of it.

So I’m at the Mom 2.0 Summit last weekend and I meet a celebrity within the social media world – “Dooce”. She was a blogger before blogging was cool and has turned it into a successful business. Even her husband works on it full time now and since she pays $60.00 for a bottle of shampoo (she shared this fact during the keynote panel)I’m guessing she’s doing ok.
Soooo – here I am. Just starting out with this blogging thing (it’ll never catch on, I said years ago) and I’m sitting down to hear the panel and she walks into the room and wow – she has presence. I mean, she’s pretty damn tall and was wearing some pretty high heels. She’s super, model-like thin and has this rock star haircut.
I’m thinking – I am the polar opposite of this woman.
My friend Tanya has been a Dooce blog follower for awhile and was a little jealous that I was going to meet her. So for Tanya I stood in a 15 minute long line to get a photo with her…well, for Tanya and also because I thought it would be hysterical to stand besides this woman. She was so kind and started to bend down so that we could actually be in the same frame…but I asked her to stand up because I wanted to show the difference in our heights. She was a little wierded out by this request and you can tell she’s still kinda slouching down a bit….see the bent knees? But it’s still pretty cool. I’m hoping her blogging greatness rubbed off on me for the 10seconds we spent together. It would be great to have just a smidgen of her talent (and about 5 inches of her height).

BTW – That’s me on the left.



  1. 1
    Jessica Johns Pool says:

    Too funny Jennifer! I think Dooce is also going to be a new HGTV star thanks to her blog. Way to go for both of you!
    Jessica @

  2. 2
    beke rios says:

    You have a pretty rock star haircut.

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