Dressing my four-year-old in the closest thing I could find to cowgirl clothes this morning (thank God for bandanas!) I pondered the reason for Go Western Day. I mean, I get the whole Texas pride thing. As a New Yorker transplanted to Houston more than 20 years ago….I’ve learned to adapt to this state’s strong roots and desire to acquire all things tight fittin’ and fringy.

But really – a day devoted to dressing up our kids to fit a stereotype? Not everyone in Texas is a cowboy. We have the most diverse city…the melting pot of cultures and backgrounds and (thank God) tastes in clothing. I mean – wouldn’t it be silly if LA had Go “out of work actor day” and kids dressed up in a Chili’s uniform with three-day stubble? Or NYC Go “wall street broker day” with toddlers in a full suit with blue tooths attached to their ears and four cell phones lining their belts? I know, I know…Go “coal miner’s daughter” day?!
WAIT! – that one is actually good. I’d love the excuse to run around with a flashlight on my head and say things like “Stop Growlin’ like a big ol’ burr” and “Are you so damn ignerant that you can’t pull the blinds down when the sun shines in yer eyes?” and “Things have just been movin’ too fast….Patsy’s always saying….’little girl you got to live your own life’ but now my life’s runnin’ me. Where’s my husband? Dew?”

Anyways – I think the whole thing is pretty silly – but damn if my kids don’t look like a tall glass of lemonaid on a hot summer’s day in their Texas digs. Look at Annie – any cowboy’d be proud to have her by his side. And Jackson (albeit many years ago)….couldn’t you just spread him on a cracker and eat him up?!!!

Yeehaw….Go Texas!


  1. 1
    Boutte Academy says:

    LOVE the pic of Jackson!!!! Such a cutie!

  2. 2
    Karen Murray says:

    That's the only thing that's made me smile all day!

  3. 3
    beke rios says:

    See, it's how darn cute they look. Really- Jackson is one cutie patootie cowboy!

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