Defining a Movement

I recently met an amazing woman and am in awe of her talent. Katherine Center is an author from Houston and I will be interviewing her soon about the projects that she is involved in and what matters most to her. Before that, though – I wanted to share a video that she put together for the Mom 2.0 Summit – “Defining a Movement”. It struck such a cord with me and I knew that you’d want to see it, too. Get a tissue. It’s so uplifting and beautiful it might bring you to tears.



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    beke rios says:

    Yep, it brought me to tears. I didn't think it would, but it did.
    Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it's hard to remember that changing the poopy diaper matters, or explaining for the umptienth time that shoes and backpacks do not actually belong in the middle of the living room floor matters, and that yes, I could pick it up but personal responsibilty for our own belongings is important. And that most importantly I'll only get to hold their hands for a short time before they're too embarrased and so yes, cuddling on the couch instead of tending to the pile of laundry or pile of dishes really does matter. Thanks.

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    Julie F says:

    One word… WOW!

    I needed that today. THANK YOU!

  3. 3
    Boutte Academy says:

    Very VERY cool. A great reminder to keep things in perspective! We all know that the little things matter, but in the middle of it, it is hard to KNOW that they matter. Many days, we simply get to the empty point in our fuel tanks and need to be reminded in a very real and true way so that we can be refueled and keep God's precious light shining through us.

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