Bad Blogger!

It’s been since February 2nd since my last post. I’m a bad, bad blogger! And I’m going to a conference about social media next week. Geez.

But I’ve been swamped with work (which is a great thing!)and have hardly come up for air. I’ve had 12 interviews and 11 articles to write in the last week alone. My house looks like a bomb went off in it because BEFORE I got all of these great assignments I decided it would be a really great idea to completely redo all of our bedrooms. My living room is covered with “stuff” that needs to be either given away, thrown away or sold. But I haven’t a second to deal with any of it. I feel like I’m on the show, “horders”. Yikes!

BTW – I love hummus. I just thought you should know.

I’ve been watching my blog address get closer and closer to the bottom of my “last visited websites” list and I decided that today I would do something about it.

So there.

Actually – I’m kind of thrilled. I went through some of my past posts and saw comments….ahhhh…comments. Good or bad – you know I love ’em. And guess what? Some of them were from people I don’t even know. I’m so excited that I could pee in my pants. There are actually some people reading my blog who aren’t being guilted into doing so on a daily basis!

This is also a reminder about how accessible what I write is. I mean, most of my posts are just comical observations about life in general or information about things I think are cool. And the only person I usually make fun of is….me.

But occasionally I have stepped out of my box of safety. I’ve posted some thoughts that perhaps others don’t share. For example…there are those out there that think -get this – that the “Smart Mop” is actually “smart”. If it is – I’m certainly missing out. Mine is in the garage conversing with the Texas tree roaches and the sawdust. Such a waste. Sorry Smart Mop lovers.

I also have posted feelings about things that while may not play a big part in my life, are very important to others. Imagine the awkwardness I felt when I walked into the workroom at my son’s school to volunteer and the PTO was meeting. The day before I had posted about my level of frustration with school fundraisers. Two of the moms said “Love your blog” when I passed by….yet the head of fundraising – an unbelievably, wonderfully nice gal who dedicates countless hours of her free time to helping our elementary school primarily through – well you guessed it – fundraising, didn’t say anything. Maybe she doesn’t read my blog. Either way……ing! (Can you see that I felt like the big ass?!) I’m sorry Head of Fundraising!

Another post contained TMI….but stop scrolling through the archives…it wasn’t in the dirty sense! I literally gave out too much detailed information about an event that I went to and I was “busted” by my sister and mother about missing their event for another. I had actually gotten the time wrong in the blog and didn’t lie to them – but alas, the damage was done. Even though I was happy that they too, read my blog. I had made them mad. Sorry mom and sister.

So – that’s all I’ve got for today. Just a random list of things about blogging. It kinda of describes where my head is right now.

Did I mention that I like hummus?



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    Jennifer says:

    Love this post:) I have a very, very neglected blog – don't know if anyone reads it but i do have a few followers and none of them I know personally (in the real world that is). Kinda glad about that … 😉

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