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I follow a couple of blogs in the scrapbooking industry and Ali Edwards and Stacy Julian have both selected a “word” of the year – something that they will focus on in 2010. I really like this idea and it’s resonating with me even more because I’m currently reading the book – Eat, Pray, Love by Liz Gilbert. During her months at an Ashram in India, the author learns about meditation and how a mantra can refocus you when uninvited (negative) thoughts come into your mind and threaten to take up permanent residence.

I’m not sure what my word should be. I think Ali’s is “story” and Stacy’s is “slow”. I like them both….especially Stacy’s. I’d like to slow down a bit in 2010…not in the sense that I should “do” less and take more naps! But slow my mind down so I see more of what’s around me…take in what’s going on in the moment. This could even mean doing more in 2010 – just not as quickly. Does that make sense at all?!

Since I really want to focus on writing this year – I thought maybe my word of the year should literally be “word”. (How’s that for creativity?!)
I’d like to write more words and see them published…but I’d also like to watch my words – control what I say…speak more thoughtfully. I have a tendency to ramble and on more than one occasion have spoken my feelings before given full thought to the ramifications. Those that know me and love me anyways are saying to themselves right now….”no, not you – Jenn!”

I think this word could be important to me so I’m going to give it some more thought. In the meantime, tell me – what’s your word?



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    Pam B. says:

    You've had me thinking for a while on this one, but my word for this year is "now". Not the impatient I-want-it-now "now", but the I am happy with now, I am finding joy and peace now. My mom and I were both commenting (okay – lamenting) that things are so busy that we keep thinking "okay, once this thing is over, things will settle down and we can enjoy things" only that thing then becomes another thing and another and on and on so we are never enjoying anything. So, I hearby attempt to concentrate on now and find peace, joy, happiness, contentment, comfort, and strength in whatever craziness now happens to hand me (which today is saying quite a lot). Thanks for the inspiration for insight!

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