Public School Fundraisers – Are you kidding me?

So my 2nd grade son comes bounding through the door yesterday after school.
“Mom – we have another fundraiser!” He was all jazzed because they showed the kids a video about all the cool prizes they can win. Which is cool. If we hadn’t already participated in a ton of fundraising already this year. Seriously. It’s out of control.

For his school we’ve already been door-to-door to sell wrapping paper to raise money for the PTO AND we hit up all our friends to raise $$ for The American Heart Association through Jump Rope for Heart. For his boy scout pack we talked anybody who would listen into buying popcorn and for my daughter’s preschool we sold cookie dough. We’ve been to fundraising events for the school at the rolling skating rink and fuddruckers….I’m fundraised out!

So you can only imagine my excitement when he told me how much he wanted to be able to earn the chance to get out of class to play video games aboard this mobile gaming truck that will come to school ONLY for those who sell 10 magazines.

“Can we start selling tonight?!!! Please?,” he said.

Uh, no.

So now I have to feel guilty (because I grew up Catholic) and my son won’t be able to skip class to go do something cool when others in his class will. How about letting the kids skip class to do something cool for getting straight A’s?

I get incentives. I am completely achievement oriented and will do wild and wacky things for the chance to “win” cheap prizes….but enough is enough. I’m taking a stand.

P.S. If you need to renew a magazine subscription, let me know.


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