Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I celebrate the beginning of my last year in my 30’s. (I think this is why I seem to be a little reflective lately.) I’m not sad about it – actually….I’m excited about the excuse to make this year (and next) a big deal because of the end of one and then beginning of another decade in my life.

I slept in today and came downstairs to see flowers and cards from my kiddos on the kitchen table (orchestrated by my husband, of course). It was a nice way to start the day. We are going to see the Aero’s hockey team play tonight. Jackson earned a ticket to the game along with the chance to participate in an after-game party through the cub scouts popcorn sales this year. He’s very excited.

I think I’m going to take today SLOW….paying special attention to the small things. Maybe I’ll notice something I wouldn’t have otherwise.



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    Jessica Johns Pool says:

    Happy birthday! May you enjoy your 40s as much as I have!

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