The Early Bird Catches the Worm

I am not a morning person. I’m not even a mid-morning person. I’m more of a “I hit my stride at about 11:30 a.m. ish” kinda person. This presents a problem when you are trying to herd two young children out the door to school. When I wake them and they protest….”I don’t wanna get up” I want to just climb in bed beside them. And sometimes….I do.

So I stumbled upon this e-book, Maximize Your Mornings, on the web and really like it. It’s basically a plan for getting up early to spend time alone so you can pray, plan and exercise. I’m not so sure about the exercise part. I need to work on that – but realistically – that’s going to have to be more of a 11:00 ish endeavor if it’s going to happen! I like the part about starting with reflection, meditation and prayer and getting the plan for the day down before the day is already in full motion.

So here I am, making a public statement (because it suggests that I do so!) I, Jennifer, Will Get Up Early! Maybe with a jump-start I can be more productive. My family will probably be very happy that I begin thinking about dinner before 5:00 p.m. I dunno. And maybe, just maybe – I can become a morning person! Well – it’s good to have goals – right?

By the way, you can download the e-book for free at



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    Pam B. says: is a great site, too. Not written exclusively for mothers, but applies to everyone including great things for kids. A lot of the principles on Inspired to Action are there as well. I started with FlyLady when Meg was born and while I don't "stay on the bandwagon" all the time, it really does help and that's the only way I'm surviving this past year and now with being pregnant, having AJ, all the move stuff, etc.

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