Change is Hard

Wow. That’s all I can say.

Well, not ALL I can say. Of course. Silly. I can say a lot more and often do. In fact, I think I will right now.

For the past several months our neck o’ the woods in Houston has been undergoing school boundary change discussions. I think it took a shorter amount of time to write the good book then it did to come to a conclusion, but that’s besides the point. Last night in a room overcrowded with concerned parents from different schools and school board members and others interested in said issue – a decision was finally made. And my part of the subdivision within our little neck o’ the woods will change schools next fall.

I was sad, of course, to learn that my second grader will have to go to a different school, albeit one close by that has a great reputation. He’ll have to make new friends, meet new teachers and staff, learn his way around the halls, join a new cub scout den and figure out the quickest way to the restroom from his homeroom. This will take him about 15 1/2 minutes total to accomplish – yet I’m still kinda sad.

I think my sadness is more about me, though. As an adult…I will have to make new friends, meet his new teachers, learn my around the halls, surrender my position as den mom for his cub scouts and figure out the quickest way to the restroom from the parent workroom. This will probably take me 2 1/2 years.

I worried about how I would break the news to my son….but he surprised me with his acceptance. Mostly, he’s glad that his new school hours will allow him to sleep in longer. Go figure.

The meeting itself was what made me go “wow”. Basically, all of the discussions and emails and phone conversations and speeches and research boiled down to 2 options. Supporters for each were in attendance to make their last attempt to sway the vote. I was amazed at how I could be among so many people I didn’t know and feel so much anamoisity. “Our” option supporters wore t-shirts in red, the other option supporters wore black. In an attempt to show solidarity, we created a feeling of tension you could literally cut with a knife. I didn’t like it.

It boiled down to the fact that both groups didn’t want their kids to change schools. Which is totally understandable. We were all moms and dads who wanted the best for our kids. But when feelings get in the way….well – watch out.

Yet – even for the raising the temperature in the room among the concerned citizen groups….what really “wowed” were the board members. It was clear that they had all made up their minds before the vote and regardless of how compelling the arguments – it was always going to go one way. Which is fine, I guess. But I couldn’t believe the guy who was in charge of all this. When questioned about facts…he constantly got them wrong, misquoted information and had to turn to his assistant for help with almost every inquiry. I worry when the outcome of big decisions are put in the hands of people who don’t seem to have it all together.

But I take comfort in the fact that there is someone bigger in control and that He has a plan. Ultimately – I put it in His hands and play my role as mom as best as I can.

But change is hard…especially for us “older” people. I think our kids will help us adjust and we’ll all be ok. Yet the process is interesting and all I can say is….wow.


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