I Love My Boss

“Why are you smiling like that?”
“I just like smiling. Smiling’s my favorite.”
“Make work your favorite, okay? Work is your new favorite.”
I saw the phrase “I love my boss” on cute office supply items in a boutique while out shopping the other day and thought – “Me, too!”
Did I mention that I’m self-employed? But seriously. I AM the best boss. I understand when I need to take a break. Watch some TV. Take a short nap. Go shopping for something that will make me feel pretty.
I feel like since I understand my needs so well and allow for such distractions – I am so much more loyal to me. And office morale is so much better. Really, it’s a shift in making long-term benefits the priority instead of short-term and short-lived productivity. “We are cutting-edge at J.Patrick Communications,” I said out loud to my aging, sleepy dog Sadie.
She licked her lips in agreement.


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    Jessica says:

    J – This is too true! The flexibility to walk away from your computer and put on a load of laundry vs. eat a candy bar with your coworkers makes a real difference in my stress level. Not that self-employment has made me a better housekeeper…But as the saying goes, "We're all a work in progress."

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