The Day Before The Night Before Christmas

When I was a little girl, I had a small, blue record player and a stack of little 33’s that I loved to play and sing a long with. My favorites were by Shirley Temple (my grandmother told me I looked just like her and made me perform songs like “On the Good Ship Lollypop” all the time – it’s worthy of a separate blog entry…..I’ll jot this down and get back to it!) and Christmas songs. I remember there was one that went:

“It’s the day before the night before Christmas and I’m busy, busy, busy being good!”

It took me back because I remember as a child – today was incredibly important. I figured that Santa was definitely watching closely today. Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, he would be way too busy getting last minute toys ready and the sleigh packed to pay much attention to a spat with my sister or a fit thrown at the market – but today….definitely. And he might just be so inclined to change that “nice” to a “naughty” – so I watched my p’s and q’s.

A lot has changed since I thought of “today” like that. Probably when the old, blue record player was discarded, so was this theory. But I remember believing in it just as strongly as I believed in jolly, ol‘ St. Nick himself.

So – all of you out there on the world-wide-web… extra good today. Santa’s watching and he’s taking notes! 🙂


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